Safe Spaces By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Safe Spaces By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering: Pastor Lanre Oluseye
Topic: Safe Spaces
Text: Mark 4:35-39 (NKJV)

Marriage is meant to be a safe space. Marriage is much more than a civil contract with legal benefits. It is meant to be a loving, intimate, selfless relationship between a man and his wife. It is supposed to create an environment where the individuals involved thrive. Marriage is supposed to be a fertile soil for the destinies of the man and woman to unfold. God’s design for marriage is for it to be a safe space. Of all the nice things that marriage is supposed to supply, peace is paramount.
Interestingly, when conflict arises in a marriage, there is the option of choosing between peace or justice. The implication of picking peace over justice is that the person who forgoes their justice will one day unleash their resentment.

What makes a man stay in marriage? It is beyond beauty, childbearing, companionship, or even respect. What men value the most, is peace of mind. Men are wired for peace. Let’s roll our minds back to the story of creation in Genesis. After God created man on the 6th day He, rested on the 7th day. Man’s first experience after his creation was rest. Moreover, because the woman was embedded in the man, women deserve peace as well. Men, do not put the woman in a position where she worries about her place in your life. We all need peace!
When a man does not have peace at home, he won’t be his best at work. Men function at their maximum from a place of peace. Everyone requires peace to thrive and flourish.

There are marriages facing raging storms. Many people are frustrated with being married. When Jesus rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace, be still”, He was referring to the peace within the troubled minds on the boat. Anyone who has the Holy Spirit has peace. The state of your mind affects your environment. Be anxious for nothing! Our homes must become safe spaces where we can thrive.
There’s no storm without wind. That was why Jesus rebuked the wind, the real cause of the storm. One of the ‘winds’ that impact stability in our homes is ‘financial wind’. Money is the grease that runs the wheel of any relationship. That you are a child of God does not mean you don’t deserve to be happy. Society has made it look like happiness is a function of happenings. The system in society is so wrong that believers feel guilty for being happy. You deserve to be happy. If money is the pathway to happiness, get some!

Working is for eating, not for building wealth (2 Thessalonians 3:10). We need to set up a system where we work once and rest forever. God created systems during the creation of the world so that He only had to create once. Look at the cycle He put in place for the trees, animals, and even man (procreation). Create a system that regenerates wealth for you (investment).
I speak peace to every storm you are experiencing in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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