It Will Happen – Pst. Lanre Oluseye

It Will Happen – Pst. Lanre Oluseye

Ready or not, seasons will change; it is in their design to change. You cannot pray or fast them away. There are things you won’t have until you get into the season of it. Seasons have no respect for you, it throws everybody punches.

The church has been taught to expect only positive seasons, but seasons change. Negative seasons are real. At times, a change into a negative season does not pre-warn you. Negative Seasons will come, whether you pray about it or not. How you fare is dependent on how prepared you are for the season.

Be aware that seasons will change, there are things that you will do that will perpetuate each season. What you do in your season of abundance will determine how your season of famine will be.

It is important to know how to navigate seasons …. For man also know not his time…

How then do you navigate negative season?

1. Get a clear vision: Look beyond your present pain and see the joy of your future. There won’t be anything to pull you out of the present if you can’t see the joy of your future.

2. Find a word from the scripture, lay hold on it and stand on it.

3. Honor men, when you are in a bad place honor men. Get a good name and spread goodwill. Whatever God is going to give you, He will give you through men.

Ecclesiastes 9:11-12
Job 14:5

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