God – Why Have You Forsaken Me? – Pst. Bolaji Idowu

God – Why Have You Forsaken Me? – Pst. Bolaji Idowu

Text: Psalm 73: 1-5

Holiness means set apart; that is why even inordinate objects were said to be Holy in the Old Testament. Because it is Holy and set apart, it is used differently not just anyhow. Like a Kitchenware that is especially reserved for special occasions is set apart for such, it is reserved only for those occasions. We being Holy are set apart and will not be used just anyway.

In the same way speaking about the name of Jesus, only is functional as a result of the power that goes with it, not just the mention of the name. Mentioning the name doesn’t have the effect, unless the power of the name.

Imagine the life you live where you have seemed like you have lived the “good life” without following the things of the world and prayed fervently, yet you did not seem like life was favorable. The irony is when you see people who seem to be in the world and they are seemingly successful. It seems like you have been forgotten and the storms and trials are all over.

There are some principles that we however need to take cognizance of as follows;

• The presence of a storm does not suggest the absence of a savior. Through trials and tribulations come, He will deliver you from them all. The example of John the Baptist seeking confirmation of if Jesus as really the Messiah, was in the midst of His trials.
• Remember your former miracles and make reference to them. The same can be said about David who referred to his former testimonies (Lion and the Bear) to face his current trial (Goliath).

Why do people face depressions?
• Marital and relationship problems, can lead to problems. The doctrine of perfection and the perfect one. Expectations in marriage that is not realistic.
• Financial problems, as the lack of money and ability to spend can be discouraging
• Comparison; from what other people have or are achieving. The pressure of other people’s lives.

It is time to get back your Joy again, as depression can have the following effects on you.
• Brings average situations to make them seem the most negative, as hopelessness will not allow people to open up to opportunities even when they come your way.
• Perspectives; It is important to start to change your perspective and your confession.
• Isolation; The enemy tries to separate you and keep you alone to aid depression. God sends men into your life to help you, but the devil will want to isolate you with depression to keep you away from helpers.

Three wrong ways to deal with pain are as follows;
• We medicate our pain; try to get temporary relief from the pain, for example an affair, alcohol, eating habits, partying and so on.
• We meditate on pain; thinking upon it and suppressing it, without dealing with it and taking care of it. It is there and can one day blow out.
• Attributing pain to God, allowing that feeling to kill our faith gradually.

It is time to call on God’s name and allow Him help us get out of the tight places that can lead to depression. We can depend on Gods strength and He will finally relieve us. Open yourself to who God earnestly is, singing songs of assurance in God.


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