Keep Walking – Pst. Emmanuel Aki-obham

Keep Walking – Pst. Emmanuel Aki-obham

Text: Psalm 119:105, Romans 10:17 (NIV)

Without the knowledge of Christ, it is impossible to please God. You can’t please someone you don’t know and there are levels in pleasing God. Just like when a child crawls the first time, it is pleasing to the father but that same child at 17 reminding the father that he crawls can be annoying to the father. This is the same way some of us are annoying to God now because the levels we are at now we should have grown past it.

Your revelation of Jesus cannot be the same all the time because you keep knowing more of Jesus when you hear the word. The essence of our faith is not to make wealth or the best moral, the essence of our faith is to have a relationship with God. Jesus is the full package. He died and resurrected, giving us a new life which restored our relationship with God. You need to know Jesus for yourself. If you know and follow Jesus, one of the things you will have is the copyright to His name; For in His name, you will cast out demons.

The worry is not about your destination, the worry is about your journey. How far do you want to go with Jesus? Stop being comfortable with the Jesus you knew before or the Jesus someone recommended to you. Don’t restrain Jesus to that. The best summary about faith is to know Jesus for yourself because when you have that knowledge, you operate from a place of ownership. We pray in the name of Jesus so the revelation of Jesus you know will determine how Jesus will introduce you to God and how God will deal with you.

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