Power and Authority By Pastor Jerry Eze

Power and Authority By Pastor Jerry Eze

Ministering; Pst. Jerry Eze
Topic; Power and Authority
Text; Revelation 5:1-11


AFFIRMATION (Zechariah 10:1)
We are in our latter rain season!
Whatever that is due to happen in our lives, by the authority and power we have in Christ, they appear right now.

As many as received Christ, to them, He had given power, but our biggest problem is the protocol of manifestation of the power, which is authority.
Power is inherent, and the ability is already leaving in us, the protocol of manifestation is where the issue is.
The devil would have you believe you’ve got no power without realization of the power you carry in your inner man.
The devil is not strong to take power from you, any power you loose in fellowship with God, you allowed the power to leave.

You’re powerful, walk in authority!

It takes a lot of your faith base to build your power base. However, it takes a lot of confidence to walk in authority. When it has to do with the demonstration of the power of God, it takes faith. While it takes confidence to express the power you have, the devil fears a confident believer, even without power. When God says that I have given you power, it means that you are a walking dynamite, and in this kingdom the way we express power is by what we say. We release power in this kingdom by confession.

The 4 Faces of Authority

Face of a Lion: For a believer to work in high-level authority, he needs to carry the face of a lion, until a believer roars and becomes aggressive like a lion, he is likened to be a weak lamb. Do not let the devil steal your roar, the bible says he’s like a roaring lion, he tries to mimic who you are. You’re part of the lion of the tribe of Judea and the Lord is your light and salvation, so you can’t be afraid.
Face of an Ox: An ox is a beast of burden. Anyone who carries authority must be ready to carry some burden. The face of an Ox is a face of sacrifice.
Face of an eagle: This face was above the realm of man. Authorities that are worth manifesting are those exercised in unfamiliar realms.
Face of a Man: Most of our answers from God are stored up in a new man you have not yet become.

What you see is not an estimation of your power. It is what your power has been wired to solve. There are believers that have power but do not have the Revelation to use the power. Power without revelation will make you ordinary. It is only in the place of authority that your power can be defined

The image of the lamb that was slain did not prevail. Rather, the Lion of the tribe of Judah prevailed.

Bleed like a lamb, but show up as a lion.

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