Your Mockers are still Jokers – Pst. Kelechi Ubanu

Your Mockers are still Jokers – Pst. Kelechi Ubanu

Message Text: Psalms 34:15-19, Esther 3:5-9,16 (NIV)

In the book of Joshua 1, God appeared to Joshua after the death of Moses, and gave him the assurance of His presence and the annihilation of his enemies. But then in verse 6 he however demanded him to be of a good courage. It then becomes confusing, if God was going to fight the enemies of Joshua, why then did was he required to be courageous. It occurred to me that what God was telling Joshua was what he is been telling us the last few weeks – TO BE INTENTIONALLY STRATEGIC.

In Mordecai’s relationship with Esther we can learn valuable lessons
1. It is not all information that is meant for everyone, you have to be strategic with information. When Mordecai discovered people were planning to kill the King, he didn’t tell anyone. He told Esther, the one who had the power to bring about solutions.

2. Esther found favor in the palace, not just because of her beauty must most importantly because of her inward character. If everyone does not like you, it is not necessary a problem with the people; it is possible that the fault is from you. Look inward

3. There are things you may be going through, and you cannot solve them on your own, just like Esther and Mordecai you have to go to the Rock that is higher than you.

4. When Mordecai started going after God, God went to work on his behalf

5. It’s okay to be afraid, but never be too afraid to try. Even though it was a matter of life and death to approach the King, but with divine help Esther received her request. If God be for you, who can be against you!

6. Real change comes not from fighting individuals but from changing the system. There are a lot of things you can not change from outside the system. And to be in a position to change the system, you must be part of that system without comprising your values.


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