Winning The Battle For Change – Pst. Chuks Ugoihe

Winning The Battle For Change – Pst. Chuks Ugoihe

Text: 2 Corinthians 3: 12-18

Change is incremental and gradual because it goes from one stage of glory to glory. We are all born into situations where we are where we don’t want to be and most times, people don’t know want to do to break away from such situations. Change is a skill you need to learn and master.

Why is change difficult:

1) We are too comfortable with where we are and what we are because we are creatures of habit and even though we don’t like where we are, it seems like we are stuck there.

2) We have to do things differently from the way we have known to do it and making that switch is hard.

3) It requires energy and resources to practice the new change we desire.

4) It requires work and sometimes we are not willing to work hard.

5) The change you seek is uncertain in your mind so you sabotage yourself to get there. Change starts internally before it begins to manifest on the outside.

How to make change effortless:

It requires forming the habit of focusing on Christ because it is what you see christ as that you become. When you see Christ in his Glory your life changes to the image of Christ you see. All change comes from the word of God. Christ is the change you seek, every other thing is artificial.

Every habit is made up of 3 components.
–  Knowledge: you need to know about what you need to change.

–  Skill: you need to know how to do it with constant practise and that requires a plan and proper guidance.

–  Desire: you need to desire change strong enough to push past where you are and whatever is required to move to that change you need.


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