The Unseen Things – Pst Uche Onochie

The Unseen Things – Pst Uche Onochie

Message Text: 2 Cor 4:14-18 (NKJV), Prov. 23:18 (KJV)

Life generally gives us what we seek for, so you must be careful what your expectations are, because whatever you look for you will see. Our expectations in life are generally dependent on our worldview. How you interpret your life experiences is critical to what you expect from life. This being so, it is therefore important how you receive other people’s inputs yourself, people and the issues of life.

How you see life will determine how you see other people. In dealing with others, you must first take a look at your worldview, and understand how that will affect your relationships, because often times the fault may not be from people but from how you look at them.

Recently, I have seen a trend, were people on social media begin to tagged the CHURCH as a business centre and making all kinds of jokes about preachers and their ministries. And it grieves my heart that people who otherwise should know better, are joining the bandwagon of castigating the Body of Christ. If all you see about the Church about the tithe and offering, the pastor’s lifestyle, then that will influence your perception of the Church.

Some come to Church merely to socialize and use the church as a networking platform; they want to mingle with people with of a particular class or pedigree, people who dress, drive a certain kind of car or speak in a certain way. I have even heard about someone who said, he can’t associate with people in Church whose net worth is not up to a N100m. Having these kinds of expectations defeats the purpose for which we gather as Believers.

The church is not a place of religious supremacy, where you compare the doctrine, mannerism and modes of worship experiences of churches. We must understand that the reason we come to the Church of Jesus is to experience the power of God. And our lives can only transform through the power of the Holy Spirit who is the carrier of God’s power on earth, and to experience true transformation, we must allow Him to work through us.

For those who seek the attention of influential people, you must realize that except God puts you in their heart, they won’t look in your direction. So seek the One that has the heart of kings in the palms of His hand.

The disciples met Jesus and their lives was not the same again; the same is applicable to us as Believers, we seek the presence of God, He changes our attitudes, mindsets which affects our habits and actions we take. So, lets begin to look for that which is eternal.

Hebrew 10:23, our expectation must be in line with the Word of God. Because that’s the only thing that can guarantees your lifting, because no man can raise you above himself, but God is limitless and is not intimated by your expectations. So seek his power in your life. Hebrew 11:10.

Psalm 127:1.
That business you are building, how are you building it? If you don’t build with God’s plan, you cannot survive the challenges that life will bring to you, because everything in your life will be tried.

Romans 4:17
God is has given us His nature, to speak to unseen things and bring them to life in our lives and environment. If we have the power of life and death in tongue, then we can call the things that do not exist into reality.

This year you need to find out what works. You need to seek God, who can give ideas that will turn you in the right direction, and just a like a child who must fall many times before he or she perfects the art of working, and you must not be afraid of failing because it’s the only preparatory class of your advancement in life.

Faith without work is dead. As you are believe God for the unseen things, make sure you are doing the things that will enhances your faith. If you want wealth, then you must be ready to change your lifestyle, and your mindset, and take the actions that moves you closer to your goal

If its healing you want, you must realize that healing is not merely in the multitude of prayers, but in the appropriation of all that God has made provision for in the scriptures through the work of Christ on the Cross. Nothing can withstand the power in the Word of God. Keep your faith alive despite the physical evidence of symptoms, and you will receive what you request.

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