The Scope of the Operation of the Authority of a Believer By Apostle Michael Orokpo

The Scope of the Operation of the Authority of a Believer By Apostle Michael Orokpo

Ministering; Apostle Michael Orokpo
Topic; The Scope of the Operation of the Authority of a Believer
Text; 2 Corinthians 4 vs. 7


1. We will receive light. The entrance of God’s word brings light and understanding. Without understanding, regardless of what you possess, you are vulnerable. Understanding is what gives value to spiritual resources. Having the understanding of the gift God has given to you is what makes you utilize to its fullest.

One of the problems of believers is deficiency in understanding who they are and what they carry on the inside. The first errand of the word is to bring light and to receive revelation from God.

2. Transformation. When you receive the word, it will remodel and redefines you.

3. Transition and migration to realms of glory. When you receive the words from God, your life will begin to radiant in God’s glory.

4. The errand of the subject to establish you. God does not lift you for you to come down. He lifts you and sustains you.


In dealing with the subject of authority, we must understand that authority is a vital tool for building kingdoms and governments. One of the agenda in the spirit realm is to build and advance kingdoms. God created man and first gave man dominion.

As believers, we have the mandate to build kingdoms in the sphere of our influence. The subject of authority is anchored in establishing kingdoms.

1. The will of the King; every king and spirit has a will.
2. Wisdom of God; for man to understand the will of God, he must have the wisdom to understand God’s will. God expects that the kingdoms established by man must be built in His patterns.
3. Authority; There are forces that are in the move to negate the patterns that God has created. Authority becomes a necessity for kingdom development.
Authority is the power of God delegated to man for man to represent God.


1. Alke; this type of power comes with influence.
2. Anagazo; Anagazo is a dimension of power that has a compelling force.
3. Exousia; Exousia is what gives you the ability to give commandments and command obedience
4. Dunamis; Dunamis is a realm of power that has the ability to create change.
5. Ischus; Eph 6 vs. 10. Power of consistency
6. Kratos; Dynamic power

In exercising your authority as a believer, you will need to operate in the realm of power called Exousia. The power to establish government. In dealing with authority, you are dealing with Alke, Ischus and Exousia.

When a believer brings the influence of God in his government, he is operating in the power of Alke. A believer must have the power of influence in the realm of the spirit. To expel dark forces from God’s established kingdoms, you will possess the power of Exousia. For your dominion and rulership to pass the test of time, you must have the power of Ischus i.e, the power to ensure longevity.

A believer is supposed to have the power to influence his government (Alke) and to command obedience (Exousia). We must be able to affect kingdoms and spirits and sustain the kingdom that God has established.


Alke is an authority that is encoded into a believer by birthright. A king is not appointed, a king is born. Alke is a DNA type of authority.
Authority is first a birthright before it becomes something accessible.

The creation of man is beyond the forces of principalities. We are creations of God’s own image. Dominion was conferred on man after God created him. Dominion in Greek translates as “God radar”. This means that as a believer, you are a legislator in Zion.

When man was created, he was called dominion. The Dominion ranked higher than principalities (Colossians 1). In the government of God, man was created as dominion. The first power God brought to man through the death of Christ is the restoration of dominion. Dominion is what gives man the power to cast spirits.

God commits the kingdom to man because in the kingdom God permits kingdom advancement. As believers, you must first recognize your royalty in the kingdom (1Peter 2 vs. 9).
Romans 8 vs. 17 tells us that we are joint heir with Christ, and so the first understanding we must have as believers is that we are God’s class. The DNA of God confers royalty on you!

Exousia is authority based on revelation. It is positional power. Operating at the level of Exousia commands things to happen. This is the level a believer who must advance kingdoms needs to come to. A man who wants to operate in the realm of Exousia must have light of who he is. He must no longer be ignorant of spiritual things.
Exousia is operational to the degree of light that you have (John 1 vs. 1). You must have revelation as a believer operating in the realm of Exousia. Without light and revelation of your identity, it is easy for the devil to manipulate you.


1. By Prayer: When you start praying, God starts showing up (Genesis 13:14).
By light, you walk through blindness, so many Christians are blinded by the iniquities of this age, do not have your understanding darkened. Anything that kills your prayer alter has destroyed your destiny, if you don’t see, you cannot be empowered, so build your altar.

If you don’t see, you cannot become, the same life of Jesus is what you have.

2. Receive the word: The entrance of the Word bringeth light, catch words in your spirit, train yourself (1Timothy 4:13) give yourself to reading, give attention to your word.
You’re fearfully and wonderfully made.
When you show up, God shows up. Christ in you is the hope of glory, be aware of this.
You carry too much of God to be normal.

2 Corinthians 3:5
You will manifest in your generation, carry the word and run with it.

After revelation comes alignment, don’t only talk about the bible, but live the bible.
When you walk in the believers’ authority, you rule over spirits and the affairs of men.


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