The office of a Husband and Servant Leadership / Service and Sacrifice By Pastor Oscar Jite Orimiono

The office of a Husband and Servant Leadership / Service and Sacrifice By Pastor Oscar Jite Orimiono

Ministering; Pst. Jite Orimiono

Text; Matthew 20:20-26

Topic; The office of a Husband and Servant Leadership / Service and Sacrifice

Whoever wants to be great must be a servant (Matthew 20 ; 26). There is a difference between a leader and a servant leader, and in the same vein, there is a difference between a husband and a married man; not every married man is a husband.
Leadership is influence; leadership is about solving problems and adding value. As a husband in a marriage relationship, leadership is about responsibility.

What is responsibility? Responsibility is your ability, or simply knowing the cost components of a marriage. Whoever desires to marry must first be mature, and maturity is not a function of age. They must have capacity because the weight of marriage is heavy.

David was anointed king at the age of 17, but he did not sit on the throne until he was 30. Between when he was anointed king and when he sat on the throne, he was learning. He was skillful at war, skillful at using the string, skillful at playing the musical instrument. He was preparing himself and building capacity for the assignment that was before him.

Jesus Christ at 12 was in the synagogue, but we never heard about him again until the age of 30 – an 18-year difference. Despite having the power of God to do anything, he was preparing for His assignment.

The husband has an assignment, and marriage comes at a cost.

Who is a husband?
1. A husband is housebound, the one that connects the family together.
2. A husband is a leader, not just a leader but a servant leader. Christ is our prototype of a servant leader (Matthew 20:26).
3. A husband is the head and the priest. Headship in marriage is ordained by God because marriage is the first institution God established. In every institution, there is a head. As a wife, if you can’t respect him, don’t marry him. The Bible says to submit unto your own husband, not every man but your own husband.
4. A husband is a provider and protector. He provides security.
5. Knowledge is required first, not love. Love is a decision that you make.
6. The husband is a lover and a giver.
7. A husband is a manager; to your wife and your children.

Things husbands should learn:
1. Choose your words wisely.
2. Be emotionally intelligent.
3. Be relevant and able to engage in intelligent conversation. Upgrade and update yourself.
4. Manage and de-escalate conflicts.
5. When marriage is failing and things are going wrong, consider your ways.
6. Develop your carriage as a husband.
7. Be eloquent.
8. Be romantic.

The husband is the captain of the ship and should lean to the wisdom of their wives. Women are intuitive; do not ignore your wife’s advice. To future husbands, dwell with your wives with understanding, giving honor to your wife (1 Peter 3:7).

Let us fall into the hand of God (2 Samuel 24:14); It is better to fall into the hand of God. Know your role and responsibility as a husband.
It is also important to know the place of prayer in your life and in your marriage because marriage is a tripod. It’s a relationship between two physical entities and one invincible entity. If you take God out of it, there is no substructure on which you are standing.

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