The Journey to Authority (The Life of Joseph) by Pastor Edwin Biayeibo

The Journey to Authority (The Life of Joseph) by Pastor Edwin Biayeibo

Ministering: Pastor Edwin Biayeibo
Topic: The Journey to Authority (The Life of Joseph)
Text; Genesis 41:37-44(KJV) & Psalms 105:17-22(NLT)

In the lifetime of Joseph, he experienced some tests;

1. Test of hatred and envy; (Gen. 37:5-11), Joseph suffered hatred from his brothers because of his dream. In your journey to authority, hatred is one of the tests you will experience.
The question is, how do you deal with hatred?
i). Love the ones who hate you. Don’t pay them in their currency (Matthew 5:33 & 46)
ii). Be wise (Matthew 10:16). Engage the wisdom of a serpent and be gentle as a dove.

A. Flexibility
B. Master at overcoming handicaps
C. Silence.

2. Test of betrayal (Genesis 37:18 NKJV); Betrayal is inevitable for one operating in authority.
How to deal with betrayal?
i) Know that you are not alone.
Ii)Accept your feeling, realizing that God can get you out.
iii) Forgive the one that betrays you and leave judgement to God.

3. Test of Seduction (Genesis 39:9&12 KJV);
Case of study of Samson (Judge 16:23-30).
i). Flee
ii). Abstain

4. Test of Service (Genesis 39:3 & 5-6); The father of Joseph subjected him to serve his brothers, and everywhere he went, he was still serving. At Potiphar’s house, at the prison etc.,
This is the pathway to becoming great in life. David is also a case study of one who served in his lifetime.

The greatest place to test your leadership skills is in the house of God. Until you start serving, you may not make a connection with your destiny helper!

5. Test of Intimacy(Genesis 29:33); One of the greatest keys to working with authority is having Intimacy with God.
You can establish intimacy with God by;
i). Praying
ii). Worship
iii). Fellowship with the Lord
iv). Consecration

6. Test of loyalty and Leadership (Genesis 40:15); How you manage leadership on the pathway to authority will determine how you handle authority.

7. Test of being forgotten

8. Test of value addition; Working in authority demands that you have value and impact in your sphere of influence.

9. Test of Love and forgiveness

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