The Intelligence of the Necessity of Evil And The Secret Of Human Condition

The Intelligence of the Necessity of Evil And The Secret Of Human Condition

Minister: Pastor Kunle Soriyan

Text: Genesis 2:9; 15-17, Mathew 6:25-34

Topic: The Intelligence of the Necessity of Evil And The Secret Of Human Condition

Some people are so poor, all they have is money. When the going gets tough, the tough seeks’ collaboration. Good is not God
Every godly person is a good person, but not every good person is a godly person.


The truth is, you don’t come to this world to live according to your preference. You live according to a playbook. Jeremiah 29:11 the future is known by the author. There is an expected end. You’re not supposed to assume or grope through life. You don’t hope that you know, you need to know that you know. Clarity is important because when we know better, we do better.


In this post pandemic season, we need to understand our roles without assumptions. We should remember that God has a plan for our lives. In everybody, there is capacity for good and evil. Even in good people, the potential for evil on a grand scale exist. In the garden of Eden, there were so many trees, but two were critical (The tree of life and The Tree of the knowledge of good & evil). Unpopular evil is good, but it’s not God. Evil at its highest level comes in a garment of good. The garden of Eden scenario still plays out today. Every day man is between good, evil, and life. Humans understand popular evil faster than the evil in good. Sometimes evil can be clothed in good.


Every human is enslaved to something. True freedom is the ability to choose what enslaves you. The highest level of freedom is psychosis. Freedom without rules is a vice. It’s like politics without principle, wealth without vision and marriage without empathy. People find it difficult to submit because they confuse regimentation for slavery.


Jesus came to give us life. What we call good is a subset of what Jesus came to give. If you can’t dine on the same table with evil, you’re still small. If you can’t mentor evil, you’ve achieved nothing in the world. It’s a flawed world and the system is evil. You have to manifest a type of wisdom that compels evil to submit to you. Good allows you to sit with evil, but God allows them to submit to you. The attainment of good without any character of evil is in God alone. Only God is completely good.


Understand your humanity. You can’t change the world, but you can begin with your corner. Beginning with yourself. God can love without life, so the love in Christ Jesus transcends the limit of life. The love you are to share with the world has been enforced before life began. It is important to appreciate seasons and not be devoted to something about to change. No one plans for negative outcomes and abuse.


However, they happen. Slavery is a necessity in a flawed world. Slave trade is an abuse of slavery. You really cannot do what you want in an environment you did not create. We don’t need to make history. We make life.


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