Safe Spaces (Broken Hearts Can Be Mended) by Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Safe Spaces (Broken Hearts Can Be Mended) by Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering: Pastor Lanre Oluseye
Topic: Safe Spaces (Broken Hearts Can Be Mended)
Text: 2 Samuel 22:1-3 (NKJV)

Peace is a vital aspect of life, especially in marriage. It’s better to be single and looking forward to marriage than to be married and longing to be single. The devil targets the union of marriage, so understanding this prepares you for his attacks. In Genesis 1 and 2, the devil didn’t appear until Eve was created, and he exploited her natural desire for communication to infiltrate their relationship. Women are wired for communication, making them vulnerable to the devil’s tactics. Men must be cautious about forbidden things, while women should be mindful of who they trust.
Trust is a fundamental component of a safe and healthy relationship. David described God as a rock and a fortress in 2 Samuel 22:1-2, symbolizing something immovable, steadfast, and strong. Trust hinges on three essential factors:
Truth: Truth is fact or reality, but it can be relative to one’s perspective. Many marriages have crashed because the man and the woman failed to see things from the other person’s perspective.
Reliability: Being constant is one of the factors in building trust. Can she rely on you? Can he rely on you? Do you always show up when you say you’d show up?
Strength: Strength in trust is often underestimated. Strength is the ability to stand firm under pressure. It is a major requirement in marriage. Stay strong in the face of those things that seem difficult for you to resist.
When trust is broken, it’s challenging to restore, but not impossible. Both parties must take responsibility for their actions and work to rebuild trust. To enjoy trust in your marriage:
1. Invest in building trust by understanding each other’s needs and interests.
2. Invest in care by prioritizing each other’s well-being.
3. Invest in encouragement, recognizing that deposits must be made before withdrawals can be taken.

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