Partnership through Service By Pastor Uche Onochie

Partnership through Service By Pastor Uche Onochie

Ministering: Pastor Uche Onochie
Topic: Partnership through Service
Text: Luke 5:2-8 (NKJV) & Matthew 20:28 (NKJV)

The Lord seeks those who are willing to partner with Him. We are all called to service to the kingdom. The question is: Are you willing to partner with God?
Matthew 20:28 & Luke 2:43&49: Kingdom service is a priority. Soul winning is paramount in our service to the Kingdom. Whatever you do must be intended to promote the Kingdom of God (Psalm 115:16 NKJV).
Jesus sacrificed his life as a ransom for man to have an eternal life and to reconcile man back to the Father (John 11:25-26, John 3:16).
John 1:12 (NKJV): Because Jesus gave His Life to reconcile us to God, we are now part of the commonwealth of heaven. Kingdom assignment is not only performed in the church. It is an assignment we must carry out every day of our lives, and everywhere we find ourselves (Genesis 1:28 NKJV). Jesus reconciled us back to the Father as a new creation. Jesus did not come as the seed of man but as the seed of the Holy Spirit. At conversion, you also are born of the spirit by the reason of being born again (2 Corinthians 5:17, John 10:10, Romans 8:37, 1 John 3:8 NKJV). Jesus was born for a specific purpose. Because we are of the Lord, we also have a purpose we live for.
We are in the age of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is constantly reminding and nudging people of their purpose (assignment). You have to make yourself available to be used (Matthew 1:16-19, NKJV). Where Kingdom business ends, that’s where man’s business starts. God needs your gift in His Kingdom. When you are willing to be used, you automatically become God’s business.

In our Bible text (Luke 5:2-8), note that
1. Peter received direction.
2. Peter was willing: As a result of his willingness, he became the head of the church and he had a catch.
Culture is always defied by a relatively small number of people, of change agents who operate in the seven mountains of influence.
In Isaiah 2:2, the “mountain”, the Lord referred to were:
1. Family
2. Religion
3. Education
4. Media
5. Art and entertainment
6. Economy/commerce
7. Government.
There are only a few people who shape the culture that a larger number of people follows.
When God said we should replenish the earth, it means we must subdue the earth and replenish it with our kind (believers). The mountain of “media, art & entertainment” is powerful. We must use this mountain as a tool to propagate the kingdom of God.
The mountain of “commerce” : as believers and servants in the kingdom, we are obliged to use this mountain to solve housing problems that will bless the Kingdom.
All of these mountains cannot be possible if we are not willing to partner with God.
Decide today on how you want to partner with God and serve the Kingdom. In your service in the Kingdom, it is important you connect with the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:2 NKJV).

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