Go For Yourself – Pst. Lanre Oluseye

Go For Yourself – Pst. Lanre Oluseye

Message Text: 2 Kings 6:1-7

If your iron is going to float, I told you it’s imperative we study the stick. The stick was broken from the source. In 2022, If your iron is going to float, you must disconnect from the familiar. The familiar is your comfort zone. Dare to do something bigger this year. Whales don’t stay in ponds. It’s time to leave the pond and jump into the ocean. It is the same technique that you need to float in the shallow end that you need to float in the deep end. If you can float in the shallow end, you can float in the deep end as well. The same technique you’re using to run the small business is the same technique you’ll use to run the big business. The only thing hindering you is your fear.

If your iron is going to float, it can’t be your will. The stick had no will of its own.

It is not enough for the iron to float, you must reach out and pick it. Our text tells us in the 7th verse, “He reached out his hand and took it”. Go for yourself! It’s not enough for the door to open if you won’t walk through it. Enough of fine-tuning the plan, go for it. Enough of staying “on your marks”, it is time to go!
The miracle happens as you make the move. This is the time to go for yourself.

As you go through year 2022, there are tools that you are going to need.

1. Favour (Exodus 3:21). There is an explanation for empty hands. Not that you did not try or work, but a lack of favour can keep your hands empty. It was the favour on the Israelites that allowed them to go with full hands. Favour has to do with sight. They need to see you to favour you. Just like Esther, her favour started with the eunuch. God gave Esther favor not only in the sight of the king, but in the sight of everybody who saw her.

2. Belief System: Your belief system can stop your iron from floating. It can stifle your growth and advancement. Your belief system has got to change if you want to see what God has promised you in 2022. The Bible says, “and these signs shall follow them who believe”. What do you believe?

3. Wisdom (Job 28:1-24, NLT, James 1:5). Wisdom is found in God. If you have Jesus, you have wisdom.


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