Built Differently By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Built Differently By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering; Pastor Lanre Oluseye
Text ; 1 Corinthians 4:15, Genesis 36:6-7
Topic; Built Differently

1 Corinthians 4:15 “For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers…”, In other words you can have many instructors, but the place of a father is hard to replace. Here Paul was referring to a spiritual fatherhood. The reason why one can have many fathers is that, at different stages of your life, different people can feed you, but do not forget the fountain from which you drink. Too many people are listening to people who have not invested in them. Real fatherhood means that you invest in a person first, before you have the authority to speak to them. The person who has invested the most in you  has earned the right to speak into your life, don’t miss the blessing of a place because you’re not in the place.

Looking at physical fatherhood.
When God says I’m your Father, what is God saying? The term father connotes the fact that this is an intimate relationship. The meaning of Abba is “Father I will Obey.” So if you call Him Abba, you understand that when Abba calls you, your response is “I will Obey.” When Jesus prayed “Our Father…” in Luke 11:2, the Father there means Abwoon, coined from Abba (father)” and “woon” (womb) meaning in God dwells male and female. So when God said let us make man in our image, it means inside the first man that was both male and female, because God is Abwoon.No wonder when God blessed them, He said to them be fruitful and multiply. He made man and gave him seeds to be fruitful, and He gave the womb to the woman to multiply the seed, seed thrives better when abwoon is in place, so if you’re going to have Godly seeds, male and female must be present, that is why you must fight for the unity of your home. Children are nurtured better in a loving environment that has both parents. Marriage has a serious depth and is worth fighting for.

Four roles that men fill in life:

1. Son: Every male child is born to somebody. The son level is the part where you learn. For your sons to learn correctly, parents must model correctly. Sons that are not trained become fathers that are irresponsible, Sons that are not raised become husbands that beat wives. Every son needs a father or a father figure to be trained. There are some things that only a man can pass to a man, a woman does not teach a man how to become a man.
2. Brother: One does not need so much training to be a father.
3. Husband: If you marry, you are going to be a husband. Love your wife. Your being a child of God should influence your being a good husband.
4. Father: Men, take your daughters out and treat them like princesses, and teach your sons to know that “no” means “no.” Do not use your children to punish your spouse, your children cannot be the punishment for your spouse’s misbehavior. You need your spouse to raise your children right. Your Children should see you pray and not argue with your spouse.

The story of Esau, It looked like Esau was designed to fail. He sold his birthright. In Genesis 26:35, he married wrong and his wives made Isaac and Rebecca’s life miserable. If you fall, like Esau, who married difficult women; you can come back from a fall, pick up your crown, set it on your head, and act like the king that God has made you. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, know that you’re built differently, get back on your throne, you’re stronger than whatever life throws at you, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world, because you’re built differently.

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