Back To Basics By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Back To Basics By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering: Pastor Lanre Oluseye
Message Text: Isaiah43:18-19,Psalm92:13
Message Title: Back To Basics

*You can’t fully access the new except you deal with the past.
*People can join the same church and are exposed to the same anointing, grace, gifts, atmosphere and Word but their results are different. The desire of every good pastor is to see all his sheep and members thrive and do well.
*Why is it that one is advancing and the other is not moving forward? A lot of people come to church and don’t know what church really is.
*Genesis28:16-17 “They didn’t know it God is in this place but they are not experiencing testimonies in their life. God puts things in time pockets but most times even we get to that time pockets, we still didn’t get it because their eyes were still not opened. God do great things in church but men can’t see it.
Church is the house of God and the gate of Heaven. The church is the access point to the to Heaven.
*1Peter2:5″Each of us are lively stones and when we gather we build up a sanctuary/spiritually and we are holy priests offering sacrifice of a Christ-approved life.
Even though we are under grace doesn’t mean we should live our lives anyhow.
*Church is not a social gathering and is not the limited to just what happened visibly and physically. Destinies are been moulded, spiritual transactions and things are happening that is oblivious to the naked eye.
*I go to church because I am a living stone and the building will not be completed and we are connected to the Chief Cornerstone (Jesus).
*Psalm100:10.Strength comes out of Zion(The house of God).Church moulds your attitude because of the anointing.

(1.)They don’t understand church protocol:-Protocols refers to how the church system operates. E.g: You can go to Switzerland by just going there because of your name or your status, there is a protocol for getting to Switzerland. You need a visa, ticket and a burden pass in order for you to get to Switzerland. You can’t make a withdrawal when you’ve not made a deposit. Don’t be distracted when you get to church, Face Your Front When You Come To Church!


(2.)Their Heart Connection:-Many people are not connected to the ideology of the house. “The grace that you don’t honour won’t work for you”. The parable of the sower in Matthew13:1-10.The same sower, same seed/Word sowed in the soil (hearts of men) but different results. Men were referred to as trees in the Scriptures(Psalm1:1-3).The tree has three different parts;
(a)Fruits:-By their fruits, you shall know them. It’s not what you say but the fruits you bear. The proof of your identity is the fruits you bear.

(b)Trunk:-The weight of your fruit is sustained by the stability that the trunk provides.
*50kg of stone=50kg of gold. He trained you with stones(light affliction)so you can be can able to carry the gold(glory) as in 2Corinthians4:17.

(c)Root:-Let your root be deepened in The Word.

*The state of your heart is dependent on what you get from God in a service. Your heart should be ready to receive the engrafted Word of God.

(1.)Low quality soil(30 fold harvest).
(2.)Medium quality soil (60 fold harvest).
(3.)High quality soil(100 fold harvest).

*Too many has lost their one Word that will change their life forever. Prepare, cultivate and protect your heart when you come to church(Proverbs4:23).

(1.)You Need To Have A Godly Agenda Or Motive:-When your motive is right, your motivation will be there. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. You need to have a motive and focus on it cause focus causes blindness.
Jesus chased them out of the temple since they were abusing the purpose of being in the temple.
*Many people has turned church into a hookup center and turned church into what church it isn’t.

(2.)Prepare When Coming To Church:-Preparation gets you in the zone. You get divine whispers when you are in the zone. Divine whispers is not really what the pastor is saying but the Word of God has broken down into smaller steps and to what God is telling you to do. Prepare is pre-pray for a believer. Pre-pray before you come to church.

(3.)Put your heart to it:-Two types of people come to church. The Praise and worship people and The Word people. Be connected to both part of the service fully as they are very vital. Be present here. Be in the room. Avoid social media, taking pictures when you come to God and that indicates immaturity and indiscipline and it’s really wrong.

(4.)Be prepared to give than to receive:-Give respect, courtesy, cordiality and kindness. Speak words seasoned with salt and grace. Because they are serving you doesn’t mean they are beneath you. Don’t fight in church. Wear decent clothes when you come to church. Give tolerance to people.
*We give substance to honour God. Giving is to your advantage not to God.
*The seed of The Word is incorruptible, the problem is the tilling of the soil(heart).All of us are here to entertain Him(Jesus).When you come to church, there is an unwritten agreement that you have come to give a sacrifice of praise to God Church is not really for entertainment but to equip you.

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