Amazing Grace by Pastor Pastor Tammy Ibanibo

Amazing Grace by Pastor Pastor Tammy Ibanibo

Ministering; Pastor Tammy Ibanibo
Text; Ephesians 2 vs 4-9 & 2 Corinthians 8 vs 9
Topic; Series(Grace); Amazing Grace

The grace of God in our lives cannot be overemphasized as far as Christian race is concerned! The privileges we enjoy as Christians is indeed amazing.
In 2 Peter 3 vs 3 ; we can see that there’s nothing we want that has not been given to us. That in itself is Amazing grace! God has given us everything both the one we asked for and the one we did not on the cross of Calvary.

Grace is God at work in a human vessel. In other words God came in the form of man to help us to overcome trials on a daily basis. Grace is God’s Riches At Costly Expense. We see this as God went an extra mile to prove his love to us by trading his son in other to restore the relationship between Him and man. God was patient enough whilst we are sinner and sent his beloved son to die for the sins of man. That is an amazing Grace!

Grace is extravagant, excessive and unnecessary love for mankind. It is a special rule that doesn’t respect the rule. It is unfathomable and unrealistic. Grace is not a reward for faith rather faith is a result of Grace. Without Grace faith is powerless because. The will of God cannot take us where the Grace of God cannot sustain us.

Everything we see ourselves doing is as a result of the capacity God has deposited in us. The Grace to do more has been made available for man; that is the Grace of God. The grace of God brings out the excellent spirit is us. Hallelujah!!!

Grace is free but it’s not cheap because it cost God to die for mankind. In Romans 6 vs 1; we can see that Grace is God’s given power to live differently. The Grace of God is abundance for all. Grace of God does not look at our personality nor the mistakes we’ve made. His grace does not discriminate. His love for us is unconditional in spite of our imperfections. God’s thoughts for us is of good and not of evil because his intents for us is not based on conditions. Glory!!!

Grace is not a license for sin. God has bestowed royalty in us! The life of God is in us. We must stand up right and excellent in all we do because we are offsprings of God.

1. Grace is defender of the righteous ( 2 Corinthians 12 vs 9). Battle is not of a righteous but that if God.
2. Grace is a finisher strength ( Zachariah 4 vs 6 & 7)
3. Grace guarantees spiritual growth
4. Grace gives us access to divine revelation ( Ephesians 3 vs 9).
5. We are justified by grace (Titus 3 vs 7). This means to be officially declared innocent, free from all guilt. What an Amazing grace!


1. Ephesians 2 vs 9; declaring that we enter into the season of grace and supernatural flow.

2. 2 Corinthians 8 vs 9; declare that we walk of the consciousness and reality of the work of God. We benefit of the goodness of God.

3. Philippians 4 vs 13; declaring that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us!

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