Take The lead By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Take The lead By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering; Pastor Lanre Oluseye
Topic; Take the lead
Text; Philippians 2 vs 5-11 (KJV)

It is imperative to understand the concept of leadership in the body of Christ. If you are a child God then you are called to leadership and kingship. This is because we are in the space of kingdom ship.

As such we must assume the responsibility of leadership. Leadership is not meant for a few but to all that are born of God, to all that have the life of God! You cannot loose your temperament as an excuse for mediocrity. The subject of temperament has given a lot of people the excuse to act like one who is not of leadership. This is because we are God nature. Our temperament does not limit us or who we are. We can be anything!

Your temperament should have nothing to do with your efficiency. We are born of diversity as it is of our Father. Every child of God is called to leadership. We may not all take first place but we can be the best in the position we occupy.

The question is if we are all called to leadership why are we leaving a mediocre life. This is because there are conditions to living the fullness of a lead
We should not conform ourselves to the excuses life gives us to fail. You fail when we accept the excuse for failure.

One of the most critical things that separates leaders from followers is mentality. There’s a mentality that is required of a leader. The perspective weer. Whatever and wherever we find ourselves is not a limitation for mediocrity. see the challenges of life matters a lot. A mediocre sees challenges as an excuse to fail but a leader sees opportunities in challenges. Some of the things we are running from are things we should be running it. The challenges of life in quote only exist in our mind.


In the Kingdom, a key prerequisite of kingship is that you must make yourself of no reputation. Meekness is a prerequisite for exhalation. Meekness is not weakness. (Matthew 5 vs 5). Our Lord Jesus Christ exhibited this a lot of time in the scripture. Meekness helps you to take instructions from people who you think are subordinate to you. It takes meekness to become a life long learner! Hallelujah!!!

Whatever you invest in is where you invest. This is mindset of a leader! Wherever you have more knowledge you excel. It takes meekness to grow in knowledge. It is important to note that social media is great but it cannot be the source of all you know.

Every leader is a learner. A true leader knows how to learn from everybody. If you are going to be a leader, continuous personal development is non negotiable. Develop your competencies!

1st Timothy 3 vs 1 points out that a leader is not a novice. This means you must have meekness to understand that you do not know all there’s to know and you will need the knowledge from other people to make grow.

A leader must grow in capacity! Diverse your knowledge base with a heart of meekness. Have the meekness to accept things you don’t know and go for knowledge.

-Lead me in the direction to get the knowledge that will make me to be perpetually relevant.


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