Stop! Because It’s a Trap By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Stop! Because It’s a Trap By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Ministering: Pst. Lanre Oluseye

Text; Luke 17:1

Topic: Stop! Because It’s a Trap.’

It is impossible to live in this world and not be offended or not offend someone, and we have no control over what offense comes. However, we can control how we choose to respond to the offense. How you choose to respond to something that is a constant in your life will shape your life, because there’s nothing you can do about offense—they are a constant. You have no control over who offends or what offends you, but you can control how you respond.

Sometimes we’re faced with situations that make us fall prey to Satan’s trap. We may not be able to control offenses, but we can control how we respond. One of the most potent weapons in the hand of the devil to stop a Christian in his trap is offense. Offense is a door that allows the devil the right to move into your space. So, it’s important to shut every door away from the enemy.

What is an offense?

An offense is an annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult or disregard for oneself by another.

Offenses are triggered when we feel insulted, disregarded, or mistreated. The problem is that in offenses, we don’t usually see the trap; what we see is the bait. The thing you’re worried about is the bait, but the thing that destroys is the trap, and we don’t usually see it. Most times, believers don’t understand that the devil is just baiting them with the thing that is making them angry. The real issue is the trap, but the trap is always hidden. So, it’s important to stop because it’s a trap. Don’t fall for the bait.

When a person falls for the bait, the trap is triggered. You fall for offenses the minute you begin to entertain the idea in your mind, to inflict the same kind of pain that you have felt. You need to stop and not let the devil cause you to misbehave.

The Story of Joseph!

Joseph had a dream, and he didn’t do anything to have that dream. However, the dream offended his brothers, and they hated him for it to the point where they thought of killing him. Judah suggested that they sell him. With all this happening, Joseph had the right to be angry and maybe curse Judah, but he didn’t. As believers, we can’t go around cursing. Interestingly, God would not have answered any prayer against Judah because in the loins of Judah was David, and in the loins of David was Jesus. The purposes and plans of God supersede your anger. The Scripture that talks about how vengeance belongs to God means that God will do good for the evil that was done to you. God rewarded Joseph by giving him a throne in the palace because of the evil his brothers did.

As a believer, when you feel hurt or cheated, your first action should be to take all that pain to God and worship Him. Learn not to respond to what is causing the pain and wage war with the Word of God. Sometimes, when you’re being cheated and you have refused to respond by taking Satan’s bait, people around you may think you’re a fool, but God is working behind the scenes. Behind all that you cannot see, God is at work. Genesis 45:5(NLT).


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