1. How safe is my private data and who has access to my data?

Your data is safe and shall be used only for Pastoral and admin purposes.
No part of your data shall be divulged to a 3rd party without your personal consent.

Data collected is used for different purposes and therefore various leaders have some level of access to data provided.

There are 4 access levels.

Level 1 Access:
Full access- This access is given to the Senior Pastor or his assigns for Pastoral, evaluation & planning purposes.

Level 2 Access:
The Church office administration has access to your names, numbers and email as well as church data- dept, CITH, academy level, baptism etc.

They also view your requests and treat your requests and forward to Pastor where necessary as well as send you emails and messages.

LEVEL 3 Acceess:
This access is given to Headmen, Captains and CITH leaders.
These leaders can only view their members data.
Name, number, email, marital status & occupation.
They validate their members data & certify them to be bona fide members of their units.
They can also send emails & texts where necessary.

Level 4 Access:

Every member shall have access to his/her own data and is able to edit her personal profile and make changes where necessary.

If a member leaves church for any reason such as relocation or marriage or change in Spiritual persuassion, you can request to be taken off the database and placed in an ex-members database where we shall endeavour to keep communication lines open and keep you in our prayers.

Thank you.

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