How To Cook The Soup Of Marriage (Ingredients Of Marriage) By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

How To Cook The Soup Of Marriage (Ingredients Of Marriage) By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

In marriage, many of us have half knowledge, pretending to know it all and get stuck while there are others with no knowledge at all.
Without training, the chances of making a good marriage are slim. You will make a lot of mistakes. Marriage is ever learning because the people involved are ever changing.

As a believer, what do you need for your marriage to work?
1. A functioning spirit. The health of your spirit is fundamental for the health of your marriage. You’ll need God to speak to you in your marriage. You cannot do marriage with sense. Your spirit must be alive for your marriage to work. Surround yourself with spiritual people and pray in the Holy Ghost.

2. A renewed mind. Renew your mind with the word of God.

3. Eyes that see. This talks about discernment.

4. Ears that hear.

5. A good Heart. Be kind.

6. Talk: Do not marry who you cannot talk to or who cannot talk to you.

7. Touch. Non-sexual touches

8. Treats: they are random acts of kindness.

9. Thoughtfulness: do things to let your spouse know you’re thinking about them.

10. Tenderness

11. Transparency. Trust is the basis of transparency. This brings accountability.

12. Time: spend time with your spouse. Enjoy comfortable silence.

13. Sex

If you put all these ingredients together, you will have an enjoyable marriage.

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