Faith, the currency of life By Pastor Blessing Isijola

Faith, the currency of life By Pastor Blessing Isijola

Ministering; Pastor Blessing Isijola
Topic; Mark 2 vs 1-5; Romans 1 vs 17; 12vs 3
Text; Faith, the currency of life.

The concept of faith is a fundamental concept to our belief. When you have the knowledge of this, your dynamics and trajectory with God will take a deeper dimension. Our belief system without faith is dead. The understanding of this determines the kind of Christians we’ll become.

The more you delve into this concept of ‘Faith’ the more you you grow in your relationship with God.

Faith does not yield to limitations, it identifies facts but overrules fact. You need faith to overcome laid down systems/protocols because faith exists to override systems. Faith is a vehicle that awakens/delivers result.

As believers we cannot live the God life without faith. We need to understand that faith is superior to anything. Faith means different things to different persons.

Hebrews 11 vs 1; Faith is the substance of things hoped for(implies that hope is not faith), the evidence of things not seen.
Faith is sponsored by divine force because it is your revelation of God that sponsors your faith.

Your exercise of faith is born out of your belief system. Faith births hope in our inside. Hope creates an expectation that you believe so much in which if it is not backed up by faith it is not faith.

Faith is action, hope is expectation. The proof of faith is backed up by action otherwise you are dwelling in hope. The nature of Faith is action.
Our work is not validated by our faith it is propelled by our actions

As believers our faith is hinged on the degree of our knowledge of God.
Faith works with hope, trust and belief. Hope is not sufficient to birth faith and trust is backed up spiritually by our belief.
Faith is not believe without proof but trust without reservation.
Faith is acting like it is so, so that it can be so, mainly because God said so.

Any faith that must be supported by evidences of our senses is not faith. Feeling is not faith, our knowledge should supersede our feeling. Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want but it is the belief that God will do what is right.
Sorrow looks down, worries look around but Faith looks up! What you look at you believe in. So the question is what are you looking at?

As long as you born of God you are born with faith. Just like living things , Faith grows! God expects us to go as far as impacting lives with our faith. Otherwise your faith will not be edifying to God .
Exercising Faith not about the big things we use it but it is how right you use it. Hence when you develop your faith, you grow!

2nd Peter 1 vs 1 tells us that there is a universal faith.

Reasons your faith fails to work when in application;
Prolonged doubt deflates faith. The moment doubt exists, there’s anxiety, worry and fear. If your faith does not grow then your fear will grow. The capacity you have to exercise fear negatively is the same way you exercise faith positively.


1. Faith can grow by hearing and hearing alone (Romans 10 vs 17) NKJV. What you hear matters a lot to your the growth of your faith. This goes as far as the environment you create for yourself and things you meditate on. Your confession and conviction is a proof of your faith or faithlessness

2. Prayer energies your faith. Your faith is what births your manifestations.

3 Action; Faith without work is dead. What you don’t act on shows you don’t have faith in. Actions is what validates faith

4. Surround yourself with people because iron sharpens iron.

1. I refuse to align with the physical things around me
2. I refuse to be a faithless person.

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