Are you the one? – Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Are you the one? – Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Text: Matt. 11:2-3

John sent His disciples to ask Jesus if he was the One.
It is time for us to stand up and be counted. To be leaders in our different spheres and be good at what we do?
You can be a leader in one area and a follower in another area.

To be a leader, you have to check your thought process. We need to reject an entitlement mentality. Pity and blackmail are not good strategies. The thinking that produces this kind of behaviour is not for leaders.

It is time to arise and be a leader and discipline your thoughts. There is a thinking that does not produce elevation.
Real leaders can create products and brands that can outlast you.
In the book of Daniel, we see three criteria used to select people who would serve.
Daniel 1:4

1. Those who were good looking.
The world favours the fine and good looking. Good looks would open doors for you.

2. Pedigree: Who is your father?
As an adult you should be making plans for your children, not expecting someone to do things for you.

People with good upbringing know how to behave and have carriage and charisma.
There is a confidence that good upbringing gives you. These people stand erect and look you in the eye.

3. Mastery: People who are apt and willing to learn the language of the chaldeans. These third point levels the playing ground
Gain mastery. Be so good at what you do that nobody can ignore you.
There is a behaviour that makes you popular on the street but would close the door of the palace.
Self development is not an advice, it is an imperative of your destiny. What have you done to develope yourself in the last few years.
Education is important because it gives you options.

Nebuchadnezzer had a plan
His message, if is am able to overcome you, it means my god is stronger than yours. That was the idea behind wars in bible days. He wanted to impose his world view and his gods on the vanquished.

1. Understood the power of using media as an agenda of mass programming of people.
What you look at long enough, you will
accept it.
He understood the power of branding.

Daniel had his own agenda as well
Though I am a slave boy in the super power nation, I have an agenda to push that my God Yahweh is the God of the whole earth

2. Nebuchadnezzer said feed them from my table. You are what you eat. What ever you allow to feed you, you become.

When you share certain things on social media. It is not a joke. You are serving an agenda.
What are you feeding on?
What are you passing on?



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